Hi, my name is Travis Meyers and i'm a balloon artist based in Edinburgh.


I started balloon art in 2008 and I love what I do!


People often ask me where I learned and why, and its all down to a lovely little girl called Abbi and a great day out that ended in tears. It happened in the usual way, we promised to get her a balloon animal on 'the way back' only to find out an hour later, the balloon artist was gone and you've  I had made a promise I couldn't keep! Not to be outdone by bad luck,  I learned how to make a simple balloon dog, you know the one.. looks like a poodle?


Needless to say... my creations have taken over!!

A bit about me...


banner1 F1 Car




You can now follow me on

Twitter @TandSballoons.


Why not check out #RAOBA

(Random acts of Balloon artistry) to see where I've been

leaving surprise balloon art around Edinburgh!

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if you find one!


"How to" pdf. files are now available for sale, check out our pdf. pages now!


  Forth Rail Bridge Balloon Sculpture

Formula 1 Car